The Oceanhackweek is a 5-day learning hackathon aimed at exploring, creating and promoting effective computation and analysis workflows for large and complex oceanographic data. By democratizing data access and increasing exposure to technological assets, our goals are to accelerate research, promote collaboration and cultivate data science literacy among the ocean sciences community.

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Big Ocean Data

We focus on integrative analysis and computational workflows in ocean sciences. The goal is to explore large oceanographic data sets from physical, chemical, geological, and biological sensors deployed from the seafloor to the air-sea interface. The focus will be on data provided by the National Science Foundation's Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). Comparisons to other large-scale ocean observing assets, such as Argo, IOOS, etc. are welcome and encouraged.

Information for Applicants

In the Oceanhackweek we will explore the intersection of data science and oceanography through tutorials and hands-on “hacking” projects. To best benefit from the program, participants are expected to have some experience with Python programming and data analysis.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors that make this event possible.